Lion Or Goldfish

You can be either. Image

In business and life, it is up to you. 

You see, it is simple, a lion hunts for it’s food. A lion doesn’t sit in the den and wait for the next meal to come to it. A lion gets out and finds the food. 

A goldfish on the other hand, swims around the bowl waiting for someone to drop in the tropical flakes. If the goldfish doesn’t get fed, it starves. 

Are you swimming around in your bowl or sitting at your desk waiting for things to happen like a goldfish or are you scouring the Serengeti, hunting your next meal?

Be honest.

Flap your fins or roar.

Your choice.  


The Hardest Part Of Advertising

Buying the advertising is easy. bfranklin

The hard part is WHAT TO SAY.

The job of advertising is to SELL. Before you start, decide what you want to accomplish.

Make sure your message says something that your potential consumer cares about. What’s in it for THEM.

They don’t care how long you have been in business, what awards you have won or what pets you have. They don’t want to hear about your friendly staff. They want to know what you have that they care about. If you are a plumber, don’t tell people that you unclog drains……of course you do, YOU ARE A PLUMBER.

Persuade them to choose you because you offer something different from your competitor.

Similar to Ben Franklin, The Punctual Plumber, that plumber could say something like……we will be there in the 15 minute window that we promise OR there is NO SERVICE FEE! I heard another ad campaign for a plumber that guaranteed a professional experience and NO BUTT CRACKS! I know for a fact, they both have been used and they both worked.

My mentor Roy H Williams said, “Writing good ads is easy, when you have something to say.”

What say you?

Measuring Success

It’s the New Year and you have decided to be more aggressive this year and buy more measuring_successadvertising and get your unfair market share.


Great Idea.

Before you do that, hang on a minute.

How will you measure success? What are your SPECIFIC expectations and time horizon?

Buying media is the easy part. Making it work is the trick.

The key is to define what you are trying to accomplish. SPECIFICALLY.

It is just like any goal. If you decide to “lose weight” this year, is that goal good enough?


In theory, if you lost one pound in the next twelve months, you accomplished your goal. A better goal would be, “I want to lose twenty pounds in the next six months.”

Apply that type of measurable goal setting to your advertising.

Tomorrow, we will talk about the really hard part.

How are you going to get there?

No Genie Lamps

Goals without execution are just wishes….

.Image…..and I have yet to see a genie lamp that works.

You have your goals / resolutions for the new year.

That’s the easy part.

Today, the rubber meets the road.

You need to take your first step(s) towards them.

Without taking those steps, your goals just become wishes. Wishes that will be unfulfilled this time next year, unless you become your master and genie and make things happen.

Face it, there are no genie lamps with three wishes.

Whatever it is, if you want it, work for it.

Every day.

It will be hard.

You will suffer setbacks.

Stick with it and….


You will accomplish your goals and grant your own wishes.

Advertise With Purpose

Many people advertise because they think that they should. 

That is true. You should advertise.

But, to borrow step 2 from the late Dr Steven Covey’s book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, you must “Begin with the end in mind”.

Before you start your advertising campaign, know what you want it to accomplish. It is amazing the number of businesses that spend their hard earned dollars advertising with absolutely no clue what it is supposed to accomplish.

“I just want to get my name out there”

“Advertising doesn’t do anything for me, but I know that I need to do it”

“I am going to just try it and see what happens”

These are just a few of the everyday answers that are heard from local advertisers when ask what the purpose of their advertising is.

Let me help everyone that spends or has even thought about spending money in advertising.

The purpose of advertising is to SELL products and/or services.

If an advertising campaign isn’t started with that end in mind, then it is time to re-think the overall strategy.

It doesn’t have to be high pressure and in your face, but it had better be selling something or those advertising dollars are being wasted. There are lots of way to SELL and we will talk about HOW to do that in future posts.

A business is there to generate revenue and profit. Transactions must be made to make that happen. Advertising must drive consumers to want to make those transactions with the advertiser.

What is YOUR advertising selling?


I’ve missed you.

Sorry that I haven’t posted in over six months.

Life got in the way.

A lot.

I won’t bore you with the details. Heck, most of you don’t really care anyway. Suffice it to say that the last six months or so have turned my life upside down and inside out. Business, family and health have all seen significant changes in the last year. Honestly, not many of those changes are what appear at first to be of the positive variety.

Life is 10% what happens and 90% how you react to it.

Until recently, I did not react the way that I should have on any front. I have let myself be angry, hurt and confused. I felt sorry for myself. I wondered what ELSE could happen. I found out. (Never ask what else could happen. You don’t want to know)

After a couple of weeks of soul searching, I am putting the universe on notice.

You cannot keep me down.

Similar to  Randy Quaid in this clip from Independence Day, I am back.

Regular posts will follow. They will be about doing things better. Business, diet and fitness. Whatever is on my mind. The only promise I make is that I will make it worth your time to read it.

Facebook Who?

Let me introduce you to a groundbreaking media channel, a medium with the potential to rival Facebook as a new-media darling …

A powerful mobile medium
This medium is available on just about every mobile device, including those running Android and iPhone operating systems. It is accessible in 100% of today’s cars. This medium is a powerful channel to engage very desirable, hard-to-reach and mobile millennials. Its distribution also extends to out-of-home venues including retail outlets, fast-food restaurants, car dealerships and sports venues, making it a powerful medium at point of purchase.

Drives word of mouth
We can incorporate personalized brand messages to our audience to create buzz and word of mouth. We use the credibility of our celebrity announcers to drive the conversation around your brand, retail events and promotional offers. We also will generate consumer participation and engagement via brand-based competitions.

Hyper-local targeting
No need for wasteful national campaigns that can’t be customized based on your local retail-store distribution. Our medium gives you the flexibility to target at a hyper-local level. We can also deliver specific localized messaging.

Delivers across multiple platforms
We distribute across broadcast, online and mobile devices. Our medium is always on.

Provides scalable campaigns
Our advertiser promotions can deliver programs across literally millions of consumers in a short period of time. Our medium has a reach of nearly 300 million uniques in the U.S. across a month. That makes this medium bigger than Facebook.

A viable revenue model
We operate a free-content, ad-supported model that ensures high uptake and that our research confirms consumers prefer over a paid-subscription model. Advertiser units provide marketers with 100% control of the message. We also offer advertisers a branded content model. We will work with advertisers to deliver customized content that brands can be integrated with or associate with.

Yes, that’s right, I’m talking about radio … a unique mobile, hyper-local, multi-platform channel that delivers scalable brand marketing campaigns for advertisers.

 Now doesn’t that make radio seem just a little more interesting!

From The Article in AdAge Mediaworks:

How to Package Traditional Media to New-Age Marketers

Maybe They Could Borrow Some Sizzle from Silicon Valley

Antony Young is the CEO of Mindshare North America, a WPP media strategy and investment agency. He recently published “Brand Media Strategy,” a Palgrave MacMillan and Advertising Age publication about integrated communications planning in the Google and Facebook era.