Please Put Laser Beams In My Eyes

Said no one…..ever.


Too often in sales and marketing, we are selling our product with absolutely no thought towards why our customer would want it.

I can promise you it is never the same reason that we want to sell it.

The secret to being the best is learning to fill the need of your customer. What is THEIR motivation to buy?

Not yours.

This pertains to anyone selling anything.

For example, if you or your client does lasik surgery, it is a safe bet that not one person EVER said, “I wish someone would put a laser in my eyes.”

But, if you find the REAL reason the consumer would come in, you are on to something. Like, if you ever walked in from the cold into a warm room and your glasses fogged up, you know how annoying that is. You might want to check out lasik. No more foggy lenses.

How about the dropped contact? You ever done that. Lasik will fix that.

You are working out and your glasses keep slipping off your nose. Lasik will fix that.

The consumer can relate. You are solving THEIR problem.

No matter what you sell and who you sell it to. Talk to them about what THEY care about.


Spelling Lesson

“Contrary to popular belief, there most certainly is an ‘I’ in “team.” It is the same ‘I’ that spellingappears three times in ‘responsibility.'” Amber Harding

I like to take it another step and say PERSONAL responsibility to the team.

Most people just don’t realize that every action that take effects others around them either positively or negatively. Rarely is there a neutral effect.

When you are a member of a team, you are expected to do AT LEAST your part. Even the littlest things can have a much greater impact on the big picture. (Also called , “The Butterfly Effect”)

Heck with butterflies, it’s my blog, I like sports metaphors and it is the NFL Playoff season, so here is another one.

As an offensive lineman, you miss a block on a play because you were a little tired from the play before. Your assigned player gets past you and hits your Quarterback causing him to fumble the ball, get picked up and returned by the defense for the game winning touchdown. Your team has now lost the game and a chance to move on, go to the next game and possibly a shot at winning the Super Bowl. That loss also cost your city another game and millions in dollars of revenue. Food, hotels, merchandise, etc.

All because you ¬†didn’t do your part for one play.

Oh, did I mention that your MVP Quarterback was injured on the hit and may not play next year? How many people will that impact?

Maybe I resort to overstatement, but sometimes it is needed to make a point.

Whether it is your professional or personal life, you are part of a team and your every action counts. It is meaningful. Make it count for the positive.

Everyday, every play.

It is your responsibility to the team in your life.