Who Is This Guy?

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Husband to Jennifer, Father to Ryan, Taylor, Payton, Hunter, Kaitlyn, Sydney, Claire and Lucy and recently confimed Catholic. That’s me. But, most people coming here don’t care as much about that as they do about why I am worth listening to.

I have been involved in helping businesses grow with better advertising and operating radio stations for over twenty seven years. I work for Cumulus Media as VP/General Manager of a cluster of stations in Topeka, Kansas.

I realized early in my career that if I wanted to make it in the advertising world, I needed to spend more time trying to figure out how to make advertising work and stop selling ads. My career changed dramatically when I saw Roy H Williams, The Wizard of Ads, in the early ’90’s. That is a story for another day, but suffice it to say that it forever changed the way that I viewed my profession. Check out www.rhw.com for more and please sign up for www.mondaymorningmemo.com

I have helped small businesses spend millions of dollars in local advertising more effectively than ever before. Really. If you don’t believe me, ask for references.

In a nutshell, I specialize in helping small businesses lay out a road map to get where they want to go and show them how to better execute it.


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