Writing Your Own Prescriptions

doctorSo, you walk into the Dr’s office and tell him that you need Amoxicillin. No, I don’t want an exam. Don’t ask me questions about my symptoms or condition, I just want the prescription. I am the patient. I know best. I am paying you….now, write the prescription, Doc.

Sound silly? Sure it does. According to drugs.com, Amoxicillin is prescribed for the following conditions :

It is probably important to know which one of these, IF ANY, that you may have. Depending on which one of these you have, the treatment can be VASTLY different. So, of course, you wouldn’t TELL the Doctor what to prescribe. You will answer his questions. You will then listen to his diagnosis and follow his treatment plan. Why? Because, he is the Doctor and you want to get better. He knows about doctoring. He is the expert.

Unfortunately, when it comes to advertising, most business owners try to write their own prescriptions from inside the pill bottle. They insist on running ads that answer questions no one is even asking (thanks Roy H Williams, http://www.wizardofads.com). They try to sell products and services that no one wants. Advertising does not create demand for something that no one wants.

Business owners and managers are uniquely unqualified to write their own prescriptions for their advertising. Let the experts help create a strategy to accomplish your realistic goals and objectives. Just make sure those goals are in line with what the end consumer also wants!

Remember to finish all of your prescriptions. Don’t stop after 4 days of a 10 day prescription. When you start an advertising campaign, see it through.

If this all gives you a headache, take two aspirin and call me in the morning.


1 thought on “Writing Your Own Prescriptions

  1. Been preaching that at BENMARadio, Inc for 25 plus years Ron. Thanks for once again saying what needs to be said. But it works both ways. I always remind salespeople, you are a professional, not a retail sales person. Retail is different from professional sales—so when you ask a client if they ‘like’ their creative, you’re asking for trouble. Great reminder.

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