Wisdom From The Poker Tables

Are You Results Oriented?

Most would proudly answer this question with a resounding, YES I AM!

I guess that’s ok, but results oriented mindsets just set us up for disappointment.

For example, I am an avid on line poker player. I used to get so frustrated when I continually lost hands where I was a 60/40 favorite or better. I almost quit the game. Then, while posting my frustration on a well known poker forum one night, I was given some very solid advice.

“Stop being results oriented and be process oriented. Make the correct decisions every time and don’t worry about the outcome. You can’t control that. All you can do is CONTINUE doing the right things and over time, the results will come.It is all about volume.”

This quote from a twenty something on line poker player hit me like a lightning bolt. He was right. These losses or “bad beats” in poker lingo do even out over time. Especially when you increase the volume of the games that you play. It is amazing that since I started following this advice, my frustration is gone and my win rate is increasing dramatically. Every loss when I made a correct decision puts me one more closer to a win.

In sales, we need to insure that we are following a solid process ENOUGH times to get past the no’s and get to the yes! If you spend all of your time evaluating the results, you will spiral into a deep well of self pity and frustration. Have faith in the process and do it more. When that silly customer irrationally says no to the perfect idea, smile on the inside, knowing that you are one step closer to the customer that makes the correct decision and says YES!


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