Stuck In A Rut

If You Are Ready, I Can Pull You Out

Ruts are caused when the same route is travelled over and over. It may be your rut or the rut that everyone follows. You feel safe. You have been there before.

There lies the problem. If you want things to change, you have to get out of the rut.

Today, I am specifically talking about our ability to get more business. There are only two ways to grow reveneue in business. Develop new business or sell more to our existing customers. Sounds simple, right? I am finding that our ability to accomplish either of these are limited by comfort zones. It is easier to stay in the rut. We ask people that we are comfortable with to buy more. When they say no, hey we gave it a shot.

If you are in any type of direct sales and you are not growing your revenue, it is a safe bet that if you analyzed your asks over a period of weeks, over 80 percent of your proposals will be to less than 20 percent of your overall account list AND your prospect to ask conversion ratio is worse than that.

If this makes you a little uncomfortable or if your first reaction is nu uh, that’s ok. I have a tow chain hooked on and I am trying to pull you out of the rut. It’s not always easy out of the rut. It is just much more profitable.

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