Pssst….Pass It On

The People That Need This Aren’t Reading It

My challenge for you today is to send one or more of these blog articles to another person that can benefit from reading it.

I did the first of three marketing seminars for the Lawrence Chamber Of Commerce on Friday morning at 7:30. We had about twenty different businesses represented. They all furiously took notes and were very engaged in the information being shared. I was flattered at the post-seminar evaluations and comments. Thank you to those in attendance. I’ll try not to disappoint in the next one 🙂

As I was speaking, I realized that the people at the seminar were not the ones that needed it the most. People that needed to be there don’t realize it or won’t take the time. They are too busy. Too busy working in their business instead of on it. I promise that if they dedicate a few minutes every day to doing better marketing, the return on investment of time will be tenfold!

Please forward your favorite article from this blog to a few people today. Thanks.

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